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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  November 20, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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. live in san rafael with a good dose of rain and sleet. how some buckled down while others decided to take a gamble. >> the sierra getting socked with snow. >> and a packed crowd at memorial stadium. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2news at
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si >> good evening. i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. thunderstorms and lighting, even snow in the bay area. a strong system moving through northern california right now. lighting and thunder have been rolling through parts of the bay area. in the last hour this is the view to the bank of america building on california street in downtown san francisco. lighting bolts have been shooting across the sky over the bay bridge and we aren't out of the woods yet. this is a big turn around from just a few days ago when we had temperatures in the 80s. we start with mark. >> ken, the main bunt of the storm moving in right on time. rainfall ratepicking up. just issued at 5:37 the national weather service issued a flood advisory for parts of the bay area. right now we can show you the coverage and that flood
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advisory in place until 7:00 until san francisco, alameda. you can see the yellow and reds. the rainfall rates about a half inch an hour and reports of street flooding. i'm tracking some cells and that one line just to the north of half moon bay. you can see the timeline for the neighborhoods as you can see out toward south san francisco and eventually heading across the bay. this system a lot of information in this one box but it's moving to the northeast around 49 miles an hour. there is a -- a fairly good bet of hail with this and we will continue to watch this. then we will come in and clear it out and come in a bit tighter and look at the cells. we have at least some thunderstorms moving across the bay out toward oakland right now with the more reports of lighting out toward oakland and alameda. as we move across the bay toward -- alamo there is that red showing up. good indication of a good bet
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of a thunderstorm and walnut creek with the heavy rain downpours in place. widen out the view, you get the perspective with the rain showers targeting, you can see covering a good portion of the bay area, those yellows and reds targeting areas across the bay, toward oakland and around danville. even the south bay, san jose with light rain, still more thunderstorms in the santa cruz mountains as well. a quick update on that flood advisory. we will show that to you. this just issued about 20 minute its ago in place for these areas until 7:00. rainfall rates, san francisco reports of about a half inch per hour and that's led to some street flooding. this system will continue to move across the bay and be a factor at least over the next one to two hours. as far as tomorrow we have a change in that. >> lot changing right now in the forecast. thank you mark. there has been little time to dry out today. short bursts of rain this
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morning and afternoon replaced tonight with heavy rain in someplaces. we continue the storm watch coverage live in san rafael. >> reporter: grab those umbrellas, the rain starting to pick up on the streets of downtown. over the past hour and a half. some were ready, others were not. by 3:00 dark clouds started to roll in over san francisco bay. wind whipped through flags and with in one hour it was a wet mess on the streets of san rafaelf. you hadn't been -- been pay attention it may have caught you off guard. on the sea it was a bit different. >> raining out there but it was all right. swells got a little high. >> reporter: a captain didn't let the rain stop his crew from getting in more crab.
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at this time the storm was still going through the bay but headed south. >> we watched the weather pretty closely. if it's going it be dangerous we don't know. >> reporter: they say that today's storm is expected to be a mild one so many of them are taking their chances and headed back out again. >> gets to rough we will just come back. >> reporter: in marin sandbags line the front of this store where creeks normally cause flooding problems. >> i bought me some tarps. found a couple of my trailer. >> reporter: batteries and sandbags were some of the hot ticket items as a steady stream of folks prepared to hunker down. several snatched up rain gear and boots, jason jones picked up tarps. >> it starts to get wet around here. have you to make sure you have everything battened down. once it turns it's quick. >> reporter: now gusty winds could pose problems for some travelers and we could see a sprinkling of snow overnight in elevations 2500 feet and
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higher. that means by tomorrow morning we could see some snow on top of mount hamilton and mount diablo. >> the storm is bringing good news to ski resorts with this added snow fall but it's causing problems for drivers trying to get up there. we have more from blue ran canyon. >> reporter: at times you could see more vehicles stopped on the side of the highway than driving on it. hassells like this, this chain installer said the 70-dollar chains the driver just bought were the wrong ones. >> just wouldn't work. just wrong size chain for this tire. >> reporter: that's not all. >> we encourage everybody, it's a 30-mile an hour zone right here. you saw how fast he went by, it's dangerous. >> reporter: those are just some of the concern was snow driving, snow that blanketed the mountains today. no question the roads are
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slippery and unpredictable with snow continuing to fall, caltrans kept moving chain control so chain installers would set newspaper one spot and then have to move down the mountain. some drivers put the chains on the moment they had the chance. what do you expect to see? >> little more snow, probably more ice, more traffic. heading for the ski area. >> it'll get worse. that's why i left early. >> skiers and snow boarders are taking advantage of all the snow. squaw valley opens today. the website has tools to track the storms for you. just look for the weather at a
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glance section on the home page and click the radar image for the area where you live. >> mark will be back with more weather in just a few minutes. a two alarm fire forced 18 people from a san mateo apartment complex. firefighters were called to 408 north bayshore. they found flames on the second floor, the fire was quickly put out. three apartments had fire damage, another two on the first floor suffered water damage. the american red cross is finding housing for the displaced residents. the cause of the blaze is not known but officials say they don't believe it was arson. the alameda coroner identitied the 91-year-old man who was struck and killed in a hit and run crash in oakland. authorities say the man was hit just after 6:00 a.m. friday at 14th and market street. he died at the scene. police say the driver who hit him fled before officers arrived and no arrests have been made. anyone with information on this
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case is asked to call oakland police. >> for the first time in ten years stanford wins the big game. it's the last it be played at the stadium before it gets a major face lift and things will be different for the team and the campus community as well. ken pritchett reports from berkeley. >> reporter: game day excitement can hardly be contained but for some it's far less excitement about the renovation that will send the bears packing next year. >> its going to hurt. its going to hurt everybody. it's not just going to hurt us but all the businesses here in berkeley. >> reporter: these are among the last fans to watch a game at what will soon be the old cal stadium, a 321 million- dollar renovation project will start after season's end. >> the structure is old but a lot of us are that way and it doesn't make a difference.
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>> reporter: the outer wall will be refinished. >> look at it. like my brother said its propping up an old man on the couch. >> reporter: everything inside the stadium will be gutted replaced. >> the seats, then the rest rooms and the concessions. it's really old. once are you used to beauty of stan poured and you come here it's such a let down. >> it's worth one year to get the new stadium. >> fortunately it'll be at&t park but then they will bring it back here. >> reporter: they will play at the home of the giants meaning next season 70,000 won't be in berkeley on game day. >> we are trying to come up with ways to make fans stay on campus especially for the games in san francisco. >> reporter: as businesses hope to soften the blow cal fans say the temporary move is worth it to have a new home. >> once it's redone it'll be a
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great place. >> that was ken pritchett. the renovations to the stadium will be paid for by selling seating rights for the new stadium, the university said no public money is involved. several struggling east bay families won't have to worry about going hungry this holiday. the goodwin family foundation as well as a city councilwoman sponsored the give away. five hundred families were given a turkey, eggs, yams, vegetables and other food items. it's the third year of the event. >> 41 county foster children became members of bay area families. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> it's done. >> the county hosted it's 11th yearly adoption day. papers were signed. lynette . this couple has been
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caring for jack since he was born preman towerly. judges volunteered to speed up the process for families. >> we talked about what this day really means and in one word it means being loved. it means having a sense of being complete. >> there are 1600 foster children in alameda. >> the pope makes a stunning comment about a once taboo topic. which type of birth control he said is okay and just who he said should be using it. >> each year we are overwhelmed with people. >> almost a thousand people show up for holiday food boxes in the east bay.
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. in news of the world in vatican city a turn around by the pope regarding condoms. in a new book he said they can be justified -- excuse me -- for male prostitutes to stop the spread of hiv. the church has long been opposed to them because they are a form of birth control. he also repeated the the belief of abstinence. russia stopped short of taking part in a missile defense shield. nato was originally created to counter russia. they said they would back out if they weren't a full partner. that system is to protect europe from the threat of iran. >> pg and e said they could have to increase pressure in
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the pipelines running through san bruno. they reduced the pressure that explosion that killed eight people. the ntsb is still investigating the cause of that blast but a surge in pressure was detected right before it. pg&e said it understands concerns bah said it'll do so safely as it meets energy demands for the winter. they also said it's looking in to alternatives for customer was health concerns about the smart meters. a spokesman said it's in an early stage of review and they are weighing the cost of options. they said more information will be available in the coming months. pg&e said the smart meters stream line billing and save customers money but customers have concerns on if they emit to much radiation. >> hundreds of families stocked up on dinner.
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each family got a turkey and trimmings as well as a box of every day food items. organizers say the need is great this holiday season. >> last year we didn't have to anticipate as many people but we had a lot, this year we are overwhelmed. >> 800 families were helped during the event. the food and donations came from companies like safeway. >> the weather moving in to the bay area isn't a surprise but is noisy. >> yeah. the lighting picking up and rainfall rates strong enough we had the flood advisory. you can see the coverage with some activity in the north bay but all the enhanced colors, yellows and reds that correspond to the thunderstorms, the heavier rain in the southern half of the bay area, san jose the airport at least check reporting just
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moderate rainfall, could have heavier cell itself you can see in that area with the yellows and reds showing up. the wider view, just to the east of half moon bay out across the bay out toward haywood and danville. there is that yellow and red cell. concord reporting a thunderstorm, about 20 minutes ago and the thunderstorms will continue to be a part of our forecast. we haven't -- adding some of the tracks to the cells, the lining correspond to the tracks, the one cell just outside of redwood city. we will take a look at that for you and these thunderstorms are moving rapidly to the north and east. you can see there is some of the information moving to the northeast around 52 miles an hour. here are some of the timelines for -- looks like -- just updated for you, move across the bay . once again rainfall at least the thunderstorms, the big part of the forecast, highlighting that in the short term and we do have this, this
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urban and small stream flood advisory. we take a look at this. targeting san francisco. san mateo, alameda, rainfall over the past hour talking nearly a half inch per hour and already some reports, street flooding in san francisco. the key event with the heavy rain happening right now from 6:00 to around 9:00 with rainfall between about a quarter inch much to three quarters inch, that unstable pattern with scattered thunderstorms and the gusty winds and the short term. no wind advisory but around to 30 to 35 miles an hour. here is the satellite and the radar. you can see today we were waiting for the rain showers, off and on activity throughout the day today. the main circulation a pair of lows approaching the area. the rainfall has gotten stronger. for tomorrow the system moves out to the east but close enough we have to keep the possibility of scattered showers in the forecast, especially for tomorrow morning, dropping snow levels to around 2500 feet with the
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cold air in place and the possibility of isolated thunderstorms. as we take this into monday and tuesday, the main system moves out of town but some moisture from the forth and west. that will generate a few clouds, chance of a shower, a slight chance for monday, better chance into tuesday and temperatures just warming up a few degrees, no major recovery over the next few days. win interest -- winter storm warning on the way. one to three feet. already picking up one to two feet today and ridge top gusts could approach 100 miles an hour. back here in the bay area the forecast model showing you the rain showers tonight and then even the 10:00 news we will talk about some shower activity. we could have moderate to heavy cells at 10:00 tonight. tomorrow morning the best chance of rain. you can see the focus across the bay but especially for the
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southern half. the cold unstable nature. then we could have a few more showers by tomorrow night. temperatures for tomorrow, not warming up to much, only in the lower 50s, san francisco round 51, here is the look ahead. the five-day forecast. chance of a shower into monday, showers likely, at least light on tuesday and then clear out. these clouds just in time for the holiday. we will watch the radar and you can too on we have a link on the radar. >> thank you mark. >> thank you. >> it's a san francisco tradition and up next we will do to the car show and show you some of the latest models on display. woman: did you bring the camera phone? man: i did. do you wanna go first? i've been waiting for this all day. ok, this is from... aunt stacey.
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. the international auto show rolled into san francisco today. 35 car makers have their 2011 method else on display along with classic cars, hot rods and alternative fuel and hybrid fuels. the vol it is on the floor.
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that's it right there. some were put through their paces on a dirt track. >> all right. let's talk about the big game and stanford handing it to cal. >> they were only favored by a touchdown in this game but the bears -- they had a chance to turn on okay season into a decent one but couldn't stop the stanford cardinal. cal held the axe for seven of the last eight years. things heat up, both teams sharp there and then patterson gets ejected before the game started. luck a man among boys. decides to tuck and run. watch shaun -- number 11. just bounces off luck like a
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super bowl. 58-yard run and that sets up the first touchdown of the game. accounts for 71 of the 232 rushing yards, taylor ran for three short touchdowns including one. luck threw a costly interception last year but today he completes 16 of 20, two touchdowns, this one gets to zach, it's 24-0. stanford wins 48-14. the most they have scored in big game history. they are 10-1. the current 49ers team looking at tomorrow's opponent but joe is live where they are holing the alumni banquet. >> reporter: that's right. this is a very big weekend for the 49ers. this weekend the 9ers are putting in to the senior hall
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of fame a family, the family that founded the 49ers in 1946. >> really an opportunity to take -- just respect our history and remember it didn't start with the super bowl seasons. it goes back to 46 when vick and tony had this vision about what could be and just think if they didn't have that stick to it idea, this organization wouldn't bee here. that's huge for us and it's important that we pay the proper respect. >> 49ers have 65 years worth of history. that is part of what's being celebrated. this is what's interesting. from that original 1946 team there have two members of that team, who will be present here tonight. one is about to turn 91, the other about to turn 90. big weekend for them and their history and then a big weekend
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tomorrow against the buccaneers. reporting live. back to you. >> wow. that will be neat to see those two. thank you joe. of course we will have a lot more tonight at ten. >> big night. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> fred, sorry. >> and joe. >> tonight at ten more on this cold, wet and stormy saturday night here in the bay area. >> it has been something. one of our cameras is rolling when the lighting was lighting up the sky. find just how much rain we will see by the end of the weekend. that's all tonight at ten. >> that's our report. >> for all of us, thank you for joining us. our next newscast is at ten. hope so see you then. good night.
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